What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy (proliferative therapy) is a procedure that stimulates the body’s natural healing processes to heal areas of injury. Prolotherapy is useful in treatment of unstable joints and tendons.

In prolotherapy, a natural irritating solution (such as sugar) is injected at the site of the injured tendon or ligament. The irritation caused by this solution stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to produce new tissue around the weakened area. This results in tightening of the weakened structure. The irritating solution is naturally eliminated by the body and is no longer present after a few days. The results however, can be long lasting.

injection for inlfamatory pain

Some Of The Conditions That Can Respond To Prolotherapy Are:​

What You May Be Wondering About:

Prolotherapy treatments are usually administered every 1-4 weeks and vary depending on the individual. The average number of treatments needed is 4-6, but the number of treatments can vary from 2-10, depending on persistence of symptoms. The reported success rate for prolotherapy has been as high as 95%.

Side effects include pain and bruising in the injected area, allergic reaction to the solution, headaches and (rarely) nerve damage.

Although prolotherapy has been around for decades, most insurances consider it an investigational treatment and therefore do not cover it. The typical cost of prolotherapy is $150-$400 depending on the area treated.

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