Too much or too little exercise can harm the knees

How much exercise is a good thing? Preliminary results of a 4-year study have shown that too much exercise, like too little exercise, can be associated with knee cartilage degradation as seen on MRI. Cartilage degradation is the first step in development of knee osteoarthritis.   In this study, 205 people without knee pain at […]

Take care of your back! –Prevent back pain

Can we prevent back pain? The other day I watched a friend carry 2 stacked heavy cases of bottled water out of Trader Joe’s. I gasped: “Are you being unkind to your back?” Back pain is common. In fact, 80% of us experience some kind of back pain during our lifetime. We don’t have control […]

Herbal and natural supplements for arthritis

Not infrequently, once I have explained the diagnosis of arthritis, its manifestations and treatment options, a patient will ask me “what herbal or natural supplements can I use to help my condition?  Although not heavily emphasized in Western medicine, there have been several studies on the effects of herbal and natural supplements for arthritis pain. […]